Monday, June 28, 2010


Before i share with you another pearl of shopping wisdom (read; self justification on spending a lot of money on consumer products that I neither need or can take with me to my next life, just really, really, really REALLY want. Right now.) I have another shopping theory.

I am lucky enough to travel. A lot. At last count, I spend more time out of Australia (my home) then in. I am in no means complaining, one of my life goals was to be able to have a career that allowed me to travel - life is good. I do not tell you the rate I rack up frequent flyer miles for any other reason then the prelude to my second shopping philosophy (if you are new to this Blog (Firstly, Welcome!) you can check out my first philosophy on how you can actually MAKE money whilst shopping, no I am not involved with AVON, AMWAY or any kind of pyramid scheme).

SO... I travel alot. That means alot of different currencies (Exhibit A... my passport wallet below).

There is something that triggers in my mind (I like to to call it a Chanel-gasim), that when I look at a foreign currency price tag, if I instantly cannot convert it to AU$ OR US$ (I think this is more then fair, I am allow 2 currencies in the conversion equation) then its value could well be 'much cheaper then i could get it at home'. OK, I know 'much cheaper then i could get it at home' is not a currency, nor is it a 'value'... but the beauty of that is... it's 'much cheaper then i could get it at home' (OK, it may very well be triple the price I would pay for it at home, but my mother taught me to alway walk on the bright side of life, so, cheaper it is). Reality does kick my butt, monthly actually, (or my account department manager does) when they receive my credit card bill, which conveniently converts all expenditure to AU$. No, thank YOU AMEX.

Ignore is Bliss - as I post this from HK airport, where shock horror, all the price tags are in HK$, it would be a crime not to see what I can pick up as to SAVE money on goods that i can get here 'much cheaper then i could get it at home'.... - SW

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