Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am often asked what I am inspired by. I find this hard to articulate, because there is no one thing. I am inspired by many, many things; Somethings can inspire an accessories collection, some can just open a door in my mind that allows me to transport somewhere else, somethings can inspire me as a person, can inspire how I change my interiors at home or in the office or design studio. Some things inspire me to do different creative ventures that extend outside accessory design. I love to be inspired in all areas of my life & the feeling I used to get as a child when Mum would let me pick one toy from the entire toy section at the department store (oh the choices!...New outfits for my Barbie & The Rockers or new furniture for my Sylvanian Family House?) or the anticipation of a day at a theme park & all its fairy floss & sugar fuelled craziness. Remember when you were excited as a child & you just didn't know where to look first, what to touch first, what to point out to anyone who would listen because you just couldn't contain the excitement anymore!! I get the same feeling in my adult life from inspirational places, events & experiences (All be it, I've exchanged the Fairy Floss & Sugar for Champagne & Coffee, which ironically give the same effect!). Having landed in London this morning, I have 24hours to pass until my best girlfriend arrives back home from a holiday in Turkey, so its just me, my London LUXE guide & a map. More on London & all her inspirations in coming posts. However, I just checked into my hotel & wanted to share with you the magnificence that is the St Martin Lane Hotel in London's West End.

This space is truly AMAZING. Its diversity in style is luxurious without being obnoxious & is simplistic yet elements of the interiors still have the warmth of exploration, the dining room with an amazing amount of art books & black & white photographs, the quirky coolness of the foyer & chairs you sit in as if you are a piece in a giant chess game. It is the perfect mix of simplistic white chic meets Alice in Wonderland. The inspiration has started early, and this is why I love London. -SW

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