Saturday, June 5, 2010


Is is weird that I don't look at shopping SALES as spending money? Quite the contrary, I look at it as SAVING money & even at times (On a really good or *unsuspecting sale) I actually register it as MAKING money. Like an actual profit. I have shared this with probably a few too many people... 30% knew exactly what I was talking about & agreed, 20% thought it was a fabulous idea frustrated with themselves for not seeing this epiphany sooner & the remaining 50% looked at me blankly or told me I was borderline insane. 49% of that fifty where males, the remaining was my dog & she didn't say anything. So technically, as she is a 'she', her neutral vote favours to the money making philosophy.
I am sharing this long time philosphy of mine, because today, My good friend VISA & I hit the store for the end of financial year sales, & yes, I made a tidy profit. Let me explain....

  1. The only way to make a profit while shopping is if you come across an *unsuspecting sale. An unsuspecting sale is a item, for example; The SASS + BIDE 'The Departure' Long Dress in Black, (coincidently I have an image on file of this dress, in my exact size, [PICTURED BELOW]... go figure?!) Now, the know the RRP on this dress is $390. When I saw it hanging on the rack, not looking a day older then when it was on the runway as a newly released beauty, 'The Departure' Beckoned me. I think it actually called my name. On my way over (it would have been rude to ignore her!?) I thought, if this dress is reduced to RRP$250, I will buy it. that a great saving & I have been eyeing the dress off all season. (Heres where the cash cow comes in...) The little red sale sale sticker on the swing tag sale 'reduced to RRP$189'. I have already spent/allocated the $250 I was prepared to pay for it (& that was a bargin in itself) , now the actual price is is only $189! I just MADE $61!
  2. The second part to this philosophy is on a 'dollars per wear' basis. For example; It I buy a basic, slouch T-shirt from Sportsgirl for $19.95, I would value each wear at say, $1. SO, to MAKE money on this purchase, I need to wear the T-shirt more then 20 times, then every wear after that, it is essentially PAYING ME to wear it. In the same vein, if you purchase a $1200 Halston dress, I would value each wear at approx $200, so I have to wear the dress 6 times to make it a successful purchase & on the 7th.... you may as well send Halston your bank details to deposit the $$ straight into.
I can understand how this philosophy could be read a little borderline...oh i don't know, insane? But it works for me (ok maybe its a blatant mental game to cover up my retail addiction & to harbour the 3am-waking-up-in-cold-sweat because my house is being re-possessed!) My guilty secrets from todays venture below (how amazing are those suede boots BTW?!).... But no time to think about that right now, I have to go & count all the money I made today. - SWx

4 x SASS + BIDE Bodysuits
Tigerlily Harem Pants + Suede Boots from Max's
ALICE McCALL Sequined dress
White KSUBI Dress
4 x Sportsgirl basics

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  1. See, that makes perfect sense to me. I have to admit at times I am guilty of that when purchasing your jewelery. Prior to my new fav necklace (orient express) I was head over heals for Helen of Troy necklace. I was on the fence because I had the money but if I bought it there and then I would have left myself without a safety net for a week or two. Then you released the deal were you got the free voucher with it so I bought it because the voucher was my safety net for my next purchase :)