Thursday, May 20, 2010


In my recent (ok, its not that recent) dependency on my Blackberry (or Crackberry as they are famously known) I took the time to write my closest digital friend the below in the attempt to not live & die by that goddam flashing light (BB users know exactly what i mean!)...
Dear Blackberry,
I love you, you know that. But I really think we need to have a discussion about the little red blinky light that winks as me... All.Freaking.Day.
Red is such a harsh 'danger/warning' colour & currently, you only blink Red. How about we come to an agreement... If its urgent (I mean life or , or if John Mayer is trying to call) Red light is fine. If its my mum or any other family member, what about a nice shade of aqua. Work related (but not uber urgent...) Violet blinks would be welcomed. Friends could be blue flashy light & unknown numbers... well, no need to blink on these Blackberry because you know I screen 'Private Numbers' anyway.

My point Blackberry, is that is you INSIST on flashing Every. Freaking. Minute of the Day - red is a very harsh colour.

Samantha x
[And Yes, if you have a good zoom on your laptop - the number of current unread emails on my Blkberry is 1881....]

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