Sunday, May 9, 2010


These pictures need no explanation. The location was AMAZING (Villa Biscaya, a private residence in Sydney's Rose Bay. Aussie powerhouse Beauty Brand, Model Co, was launching new eyeshadows inspired by the Moroccan landscape. When MC Founder (the amazing) Shelley Barrett, (didn't even need to) askd me to design a few pieces for the models to wear that reflected each different cosmetic. the result? A divine morning on overlooking Sydney Harbour, sipping exquisite champagne by the pool. Turkish tea was served with canapes that could have arrived direct from Marrakesh. The makeup looked stunning & the jewel danced in the sunlight. For those of you who have followed the SW journey, you wll know that I have referenced Shelley over the years as someone I have looked upto & admired as a business woman. I remember thinking years ago I would love to work with Model Co in some way , shape or form, mainly due to the amazing brand that Shelley created, the honestly & authenticity of the brand & the now amazing success it has seen world wide. It was an absolute honour to collaborate with Model Co & especially co-host this exquisite event with someone who I have been in awe & admiration of since I started my own business 6 years ago.

For more on this event, check [PRIMPED]

IMAGE CREDIT: Belinda Rowland

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