Monday, May 17, 2010


Journals. Notebook. Sketch Books. Stationary in general - I'm Obsessed. Take me to Office Works & give this girl a shopping trolley. I have no idea WHY I love stationary, but I do. I am not the Dear Diary journal keeper, I'm not near organised enough for that. I am the crazy note writer, design idea while in Woolies? (this is a grocery store for my American friends), No problem, whip out the notebook in my bag, jot it down. To Do list no longer fits in mind - clean page in is dumped from mind to paper. I am fussy about my journals & have no regard for the cost of them. It is purely if I love, I HAVE to have it; They HAVE to be hard cover. If it has elastic (Like Moleskin journal) this adds points to that journal coming home with me, but is not a deal breaker in our life together. I prefer A5, but if I come across an amazing journal with an exquisite cover/emboss/bind, I will waiver the A5 size rule & make it mine instantly. I buy journals when I see them. I may have a back log of 5 wallflowers waiting for the call up, I know I SHOULD buy a new one when i need one, but I have a fear of leaving an amazing journal un-purchased in a store, my fear is that I will think about it for the rest of my life, but NEVER be able to find it again, a life lived with regret over the book that could have been. I only use one journal at a time & the last page must be ink covered until I am able to start the next, AND I never through them away, as pointless as some of the content in them is. The above picture is one of many piles of full journals. A bundle of shopping lists, hopes, designs, dreams, chapters of books I hope to one day publish, sketches, ideas, nonsense & aspirations. Even though I LOVE keeping this online journal, long live paper & the written word. SWx

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