Friday, May 14, 2010


[L to R] Melanie, Me, Beth & Tara - NYE 2004

I caught up with two of my best friends (Beth & Tara) last night. My other best friend (Melanie) lives in London & unfortunately was a little too far for her to travel to be at the dinner. It was great to just sit with my friends, it has been way to long since we have caught up together & as I sat at my desk this morning, I laughed out loud at the irony of coming across the above photo (That I re-snapped on my Blackberry & emailed to myself to be able to upload to the blog today - hence the beyond bad resolution of it!). This photo was taken on New Years Eve in 2004, if it was not in black & white, you would see an array of bright colours & animal prints! I particularly LOVE the huge SW early day earrings that beth & tara are wearing. I remember making these earrings on the dining room table, they were so big & had so many charms & crystals on them, they weighed a tone! But being the supporting friends they, they wore them all night spruiking proudly their friend made them & quickly handing them a business card so they could own a pair also. While we have plenty of photos of a few os us together in many different places, I cannot recall a photo we have had all together since. Two things triggered from this - One, this photo has always been special to me, but in now so much more special, given we do not have another photo all together taken in the last 6 years (!!). And secondly, just how important it is, no matter how busy things get in life, love, travel, work, family..... to make time for your girlfriends. I love this photo of our 23 year old selves & will make sure the next group photo is taken well before it become a photo of our 33 year old selves.- SW

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