Saturday, May 8, 2010


The above photo is of my Mum taken in the 1970's when she was around my age. I love this photo so much, I have had it enlarged & it hangs amongst other vintage photos on my wall. Everyone who see's it says that they can see me in her in this photo & I like that.

Today is Mothers Day. A day we pay tribute to the amazing woman who went through 9 months of sharing her body with us, many years of nurturing, feeding, bathing & changing us. More years of teaching & guiding, hugging & kissing scraped knees & then broken hearts. She put up with us when puberty hit & smiled through gritted teeth through the bellybutton rings, nose rings, hair dying (Strawberry blonde Napro Colour so it could be the same colour as 'Angel from Home & Away' anyone?) & late night parties. It is only once you realise that your mum was once a young woman like you. She too went through puberty & probably pushed boundaries, not sure who Mum's favourite soap star was to match hair colours with, but I do know that the more I take the time to find out about my mum, the more I see her as a friend who I am lucky enough to have as my mum. There is nothing nicer then sharing stories with your mum over a late night glass of wine, hearing about her travels when she was younger, boys she dated, hearts she broke & the time she too had hers broken. As you get older, I find a mum's advice turns from that of an authority figure, to that of friend. Long gone are the days when her answers are black & white for the purpose of your safety;
14 year old me: "Mum, Can Melanie & I go to the beach party at Shelley Beach Friday night?"
Mum: "No"
14 year old me: "But all the Year 11 boys are going!!!!!"
Mum: "I KNow. Thats why you can't go"
14 year old me: "Muuuuuum!!! YOU don't understand. EVERYONE is going. '
Mum: "No, not everyone is going. I spoke to Jade, Kate & Rachel's Mums. They're not going either.'
14 year old me: "Muuuuuum! Why do you not want me to have fun?! I can't believe you won't let me go. This is SO unfair. "
Mum: "Samantha. You're 14 years old. You're not going. End of story."
14 year old me: "But Muuuuuuuuum!!!!!!" [Continue my whinging for 2 consecutive hours].

Granted now I am in my late 20's, my situation is (thankfully!) slightly different, but now I go to my mother for advice & she gives me her opinion from either her own experience or helps me find a resolve to best find happiness in what you are searching for. Sometimes the situations are not always black & white or the 'traditionally' correct answer (which you would have been delivered as child/adolescent) does not factor, her advise comes from the heart. The heart of a friend, which most beautifully, is the heart of my Mother. I admire my mothers calmness, patience & ability in putting up with my Dad & myself (who have little patience & are quick to rush into things without much planning or preparation). I admire her style, both now & in the above picture (Sailor hat & oversized sunnies are back, Mum you were seriously ahead of your time!) & most of all I admire all that she is; A woman, a mother, a daughter, a wife, business woman & friend. I hope that I grow into half the woman she is.

Happy Mothers Day Mum, All my love today & everyday - Samantha x

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